Having Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Window treatments are a quick, easy fix for expensive heating and cooling bills. Not only do they help complete the design of a room, window treatments have the potential to drastically control the temperature in your home without having to break the bank. Whether it’s blinds, drapes, shades, or shutters, the use of any window cover can help keep the heat out during the summer months while keeping it in during the winter season. Get the best of both worlds - combine both design and cost efficiency by choosing window treatments that fit your needs. Here is what you need to know about your options:


Blinds will be your best friend in the summer. They are most effective in keeping the sunlight out, ultimately cooling more efficiently throughout the summer than keeping warm during the winter. Both vertical and horizontal slats are easily adjustable to control light and ventilation, giving you the most personalized look and feel available. When completely lowered and closed, reflective blinds can reduce heat gain up to 45% - aka saving you money on your next energy bill.


Depending on the type of fabric and color, draperies have the potential to keep rooms both cool through summer months and warm over the course of a frigid winter. Studies have shown that depending on how dark the color of the drapes is, they have the potential to help reduce heat gain up to 33%. When paired with blinds, drapes swept to the sides of a window assists in keeping cold air from seeping through. Drapes are also extremely customizable - we have in excess over 160 rich fabrics to choose from... let your imagination soar!


Shades are one of the simplest and most effective types of window treatments for saving energy. Layered to trap individual air cells, shades create a temperature-transfer barrier between the window and room. Research shows that double-pleated shades prevent energy loss just as efficiently as ⅛ inches of foam insulation. Our honeycomb shades offer energy savings in both winter and summer with its unique fabric and color selection that have the chance to achieve optimal savings when combined.


Shutters offer not only protection between heat gain and heat loss through windows, but also add security and protection against weather conditions; these window treatments are insulated to aid in keeping heat out or in depending on the season. Shutters can be combined with other window treatments such as blinds or drapes to further maximize energy efficiency. This window treatment option will give homeowners the most bang for their buck because of the long lifespan shutters have.

With the four options listed above, it's possible to give your home a facelift while simultaneously creating an energy efficient environment and remaining budget conscious. Give our team a call (or contact us here) to learn how you can save on your next energy bill.