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Pattern vs. Print: What's the Difference?

written by Melissa Wolck

The terms pattern and print are often used interchangeably and to be frank, incorrectly, by industry professionals and fabric enthusiasts. We hear it all of the time.

It is important to use the appropriate term when you're referring to a particular fabric because the terms pattern and print do not mean the same thing. Let's take a look at the differences to clear up any confusion.



A pattern is any repeated design, such as a floral, geometric, lattice, medallion, and stripe etc. It can be woven into a fabric, embroidered or printed on top. Above you will see a cou...

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Swirling winds, brisk days and a sharp light descending into low angles remind us to prepare for the winter chill. Window coverings are one of the best ways to create an energy efficient home, keeping warmth in while reducing your heating bills, yet still, style your home in good taste. Cellular shades are the optimum window covering to blanket your windows and remain our number one favorite performing shade to retain room heat. As a reminder, cellular shades contain those wonderful little “honeycomb” packets that trap heat to block out the cold and regulate inside temperatures. Cellulars can either be a single cell or double cell but we do not recommend the triple cell as it ...

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Window treatments are a quick, easy fix for expensive heating and cooling bills. Not only do they help complete the design of a room, window treatments have the potential to drastically control the temperature in your home without having to break the bank. Whether it’s blinds, drapes, shades, or shutters, the use of any window cover can help keep the heat out during the summer months while keeping it in during the winter season. Get the best of both worlds - combine both design and cost efficiency by choosing window treatments that fit your needs. Here is what you need to know about your options:


Blinds will be your best friend in the summer. They are most effective in keep...

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